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Fantastic product. I have been looking for ages for something like this. (Email, 4 November 2014)

As a nutritionist who teaches children to read food labels, I was excited to find a muesli bar that actually meets our guidelines!... I've been taking the cereal boxes out to our classrooms to help the children identify healthier choices. Its just a shame these bars aren't available in the supermarkets their families shop at (Mostly Pak'nSave Manukau and New World Papatoetoe). I have my fingers crossed that your company expands so the children might have access a healthier muesli bar in their supermarket in the future :) (Email, 26 September 2014)

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for creating such a tasty and healthy muesli bar. The best quick snack for at work. My all time fav is the lime and coconut. Keep the flavours coming! Mmmmm so delish. (Email, 23 July 2014) 

Just tried one of your bars (Lime and Coconut), and I must say very, very nice. About time someone came out with product like this. (Email, 2 July 2014)

I saw and bought your lime and coconut bars at the Lunn Ave New World, and am IN LOVE with them, and love the fact they have less than 10 grams of sugar. I bought them specifically for the low sugar content as, like you say on your site, it’s impossible to find any bars that are less than even 17 grams! (Email, 5 May 2014) 

 Have to let you know that your apricot muesli bars keep me going on the golf course. They're great, especially in hot weather, because they're not too sticky and don't have stuff in them that melts! (Email, 1 December 2013)

I recently purchased your Lime & Coconut Bars - they are sooooooooooooooo good. I love everything about them, they taste great, I love the packaging and for once in my life I understand the nutritional information on the back of the pack. Thank you so much. (Email, 20 October 2013)

You are legends. I found a wee article about you in a magazine and ordered a sample box. They went in a flash so I have ordered some more. For so long I have been trying to find a bar that ticks the boxes and at last I have. I now no longer need to read labels using a magnifying glass. (Email, 14 September 2013)

What a fantastic product! Well done. I work as a nutritionist and struggle to find a muesli bar to recommend to my clients. I've started using them when out on long runs as a great bar without extra fat or sugar. (Email, 4 March 2013)

As a Type 1 diabetic I’d given up trying to find a muesli bar that wasn’t jam-packed with naturally sweet fruit as well as processed sugars and even honey on top of all that. Imagine my delight when I stumbled on your lime and coconut bar and flipped it over to see Sugars = 1.7g per 100g! I couldn’t believe my eyes. And they taste fantastic. So you’ve answered my need when everyone else failed and gained one big fan. (Email, 28 December 2012) 

They look so good I can't wait! Very hard to find a snack bar that fills me up without loads of sugar. (Email, 5 November 2012)

Your snack bars are ideal for those of us who love exercising because of the low sugar and fat content but decent level of carbohydrates. And, your packaging is such a selling point... (Email, 9 October 2012)

Love them... thoroughly enjoy the packets too! A blast from the past! (Email, 16 September 2012)
The coconut and lime bars rock... I was also delighted to find out you are a local business as I try as much as possible to support Kiwi business... well done Wunderbites! (Email, 27 August 2012)
I love your product and will continue to buy many boxes. My boyfriend also likes them very much and we tell everyone how yum they are! (Email, 27 August 2012)

If you’ve ever tried to find a muesli bar that was under 10% sugar and 10% fat, then you’d know it was quite a challenge. Enter Wunderbites, a new product to the market that is low sugar, low fat and tastes delicious. I was skeptical about how it would taste when I went to try it, but my oh my was I surprised... I’d put it in the top tastes of any muesli bar I’ve tried regardless of nutrition content. (Read more on the Eat Well NZ website, 23 May 2012)

I tried your wonderful products at New World supermarket yesterday and did purchase a box – they are so good! I have a food science/nutrition background and really enjoyed them mostly because they were really filling (I’m currently 7 months pregnant) and they were not sweet like lots of other muesli bars. I always read the NIP for muesli bars and it is really challenging finding bars both low in fat and sugar – often if they’re low in fat, they’re very high in sugar. (Email, 17 May 2012)

I was about to leave the show, looking forward to a lunch in adult-sized pieces without toothpicks, when I saw my last high spot... Certainly for me, this was one of the real food finds of this year’s Food Show... (Read more on the Grown Ups website, 16 May 2012)

I went down to NW last night and purchased a box of each flavour, I had an apricot bar in the evening and I am glad to report that my blood sugar didn't spike which is great news for me. It tasted great too! (Email, 16 May 2012)


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